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Tips to Maintain your Driveway

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

The driveway is a surprisingly important part of your home. In addition to protecting the wheels of your car, it can set the tone of the external appeal, which will influence your relationship with the entire property.

Here are four simple tricks for maintaining the look and health of your driveway.

Create A Run Off

Rainwater can and snow can penetrate the surface of your driveway to cause growing and ongoing problems. A 3” run off area around the edge of the driveway will prevent this from becoming an issue. Ensure that gutters do not run off onto the drive as this could cause troubles too.

Treat Cracks

Even small cracks can become major problems when left untreated. Prevention is the best form of protection and sealing the driveway (frequency depends on material) as required will help. Treat any cracks by filling them with a crack filler solution, which will be available from most DIY stores.

Keep It Clean

A clean driveway is a happy driveway. Aside from making it look nicer, cleaning oil spills also protects the drive materials from potential penetration and damage to the underlying foundations. Do this frequently, and the stains will be far easier to clean.

Use Responsibly

Last but not least, you can make a significant difference to the ongoing health of your driveway simply by using it in a responsible manner. Don’t park right by the edges. Don’t let big trucks park anywhere on it. And use shovels and other items with care.

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