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Spring 2019 Landscaping Trends

Looking for ideas on how we can help you? There’s plenty of inspiration to be found for a wide range of landscaping and garden styles, but the most exciting developments always from the latest and greatest trends.

Here, we’re going to look at a few of our favourite landscaping trends for Spring 2019 that might give you some ideas.

Exploring new boundaries

A new range of materials, like charred timber, gabion walls, and log walls are changing the boundary walls we see in the modern garden. Alongside large, irregular slabs, they are helping to create a look that stands out from the more conservative choices and lends the property a little more personality.

Asymmetry makes a difference

While symmetrical design might be associated with neatness and orderly exteriors, more homeowners are starting to move away from that style. Instead, asymmetry with off-centre paths and differences in lighting and walls from one side to the other is helping to create the look of a more natural landscape in many a garden.

Smarter, secluded spaces

Fences and dividing walls are being built not only for practical purposes but for stylistic ones, as well. Shared spaces are being traded in for the perfect meditation and outdoor office spaces. Tall narrow plants and water features are also being used as privacy features, cutting both visual and aural interference.

Whether you need a little help deciding what best fits your idea or you’ve been struck by inspiration, get in touch with Bespoke Paviours and Landscapers. We’re ready and waiting to make your dream landscaping project a reality.

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