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Landscaping with Dogs in Mind

Having a dog is a great addition to your home. A dog loves to be outside all year around. Making your garden dog friendly is key to having a happy dog and a happy owner. But how can you make your garden dog friendly? Check out our 5 tips to getting the perfect garden.

1. Keep the water flowing

Lots of fresh water is essential. Why not take the opportunity to add a water feature of some kind into your garden? Not only do they look great, the dog loves them too – Win, Win!

You could look at implementing a stream throughout your garden or even having a splash fountain. A small pond is another option too. Before building a small pond, complete a safety check. Your dog should be able to easily get out if they were to fall in. Having a gentle sloping side or steps can implement this.

2. Safety First

Being ancestors of wolves, dogs prefer to have boundaries. So, in your garden you may opt for a dog run that is fenced in or a back-garden fence that your dog can not escape from. It doesn’t matter what you opt for here, as long as your dog is safe, you will be able to enjoy your garden happily. No matter what option you choose just make sure that your garden fence or run has a very steady characteristic to it.

3. Have a place for play

Dogs are very playful. Ensuring that you have enough space for your dog to play is essential for a happy dog. That said having a tired dog is a happy dog too! Provide space for your dog to be able to run about and chase things.

Not only having a large area to play, why not consider making a specific area for your dog to play? Have water features, hide and seek toys, tunnels, viewing areas, areas that are rich with scents so that your dog has lots of things to do. You could add a large rock to the area so your dog has some resting areas in the shade.

4. Add some paths & use comfortable materials

Dogs love to patrol areas. Provide them with as much prowling space as possible. Even people love following trails around the garden.

When choosing the materials to use for your garden, they shouldn’t get hot, should be easy to walk on and ideally not allow your dog to get caught up with them. Chooses include, concrete, brick, flagstone, pebbles, and smooth rocks that are all great choices. If stone is not the look you are going for then small bark chips are dog friendly.

Having grass is another choice. Even though the lawn can be easily destroyed by your dog digging it up. However, you could always train your dog to their specific area and they will hopefully dig that area up instead of the whole garden. You could always consider artificial turf. Just make sure from the suppliers that it doesn’t get hot and burn your dogs paws.

5. Keep your garden toxic free

Surprisingly some plants are extremely toxic to dogs if they are eaten by them. The kennel club have a comprehensive list of plants that your proven to be toxic to your beloved pet – you can check that out here.

Along with the plants, plant feeder can be toxic if eaten by dogs. Slug pellets, snail deterrents, and other pest baits can be fatal to your pet. Just ensure that you check that everything you buy is pet friendly, and if it’s not then don’t use it!

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