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Landscaping Ideas for Small Gardens

The aim of this article is to inspire you in your venture to landscape your garden, It's imperative that you start with good research when thinking about landscaping ideas. Visit garden centres, public gardens, annual garden shows, or even people's homes to get an idea of what's to your taste. It's important that you take your garden size into consideration and think about what you want your garden to do for you. Some people even draw out their ideas and make mood boards from magazines and Pinterest to visualize their dream garden landscape.

It's not too late to make your garden more sustainable if you're concerned about its environmental impact. It is possible to create a sustainable oasis that is visually intriguing, yet also beneficial to the planet.

Our gardens are filled with plants that delight all our senses. Additionally, plants can be used to create privacy from your neighbours or from your own house. Garden trellis ideas such as willow trees or climbing plants can be used to support climbing plants as well.

The world over, green roofs, living roofs, and vegetated roofs are sprouting up! In addition to offering a variety of plants, such as grasses and flowers, the growing new trend is a great way to bring biodiversity into your garden.

The Society of Garden Designers recommends adding a stunning sedum roof in powdery pink to soften the surrounding garden. If you don't know what to plant, simply lay ready-seeded wildflower turf on flat surfaces or unsightly roofs.

A sloping garden can be made more visually appealing with hard landscaping, which can create dedicated, defined levels for different zones.

Zones can serve very different purposes - from a dining area to a relaxing lounging area, using garden shade ideas.

Robert Myers, one of the country's leading garden designers, says the key to a successful space is simple, elegant detailing. Many people over-complicate their designs by cramming too many ideas and patterns into a small space, making them look cluttered and fussy.

From rustic to sleek and modern, there is a wide range of hard landscaping styles. There's no reason you can't incorporate these materials into traditional herbaceous gardens - mirrors, metal, concrete, and painted walls, to name a few - but hard landscaping tends to be the star of contemporary designs. Creating a unique, homogeneous design is key.

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