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Doing up your garden this year? Here are the top trends for 2018!

You’ve finally got round to it, you’re doing up the garden. But , before you call your landscape gardener, where do you start? What do you include? Do you want something easy to manage or full of plant life and colour? Well, here are some of the top Landscaping and gardening trends for 2018 so you can start imagining your perfect space.

Embrace your small garden

More and more, you find outdoor space in a property comes at a premium. So many house builders opt for smaller gardens in basic shapes. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Fill your garden with multi-purpose features. For example, a concrete fire feature can be a great spot for relaxing on a cool summer night but, it can also work as a planter in the winter.

Make craftsmanship and bespoke features a priority

We live in a world full mass-produced and cheaply designed products. We don’t often seek out people with the skills to make us something truly unique to us. A bespoke feature in your garden like a decorative archway or unique water feature may cost a little extra but will set your garden apart for any other and give you a design that you’ve truly made your own.

Build a habitat

Most keen gardeners are aware of the wildlife that live in and visit their garden, but few realise the impact the modern world is having on the habitats of these animals. Simple features and changes to your garden can give you a haven for wildlife. It can create something that you can enjoy observing and admire beautiful animals that you may not have seen before.

Here are a few ideas:

· A small hole in your fence can help hedgehogs get from garden to garden. This will also help keep the slug population away from your plants.

· Restrict or stop using insecticides.

· Set up feeding stations for different animals (A shelf on a tree for the birds and a bowl on the patio are a great start)

Create a sense of privacy

We all put a high value on our privacy, and this is especially important in the garden. An easy way to achieve the feeling of privacy is to put up a close board fence. This also has a lot of practical purposes, including security and preventing trespassing. But some people are now opting for plants that can act as a secure boarder for your garden.

Whatever garden you’re looking for, the team at Bespoke Paviours & Landscapers are experts and can give you great advice on how to get the most out of your space and create a garden that you will love.

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